Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. Brings LED Lighting Production to Ellwood City

Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc., located at 101 Randolph Street in Ellwood City, has already made an impressive mark on the industrial lighting world with its line of solid-state lighting solutions, including it ALLED fixtures. ALLED fixtures are engineered to deliver 150,000+ hours of maintenance free operation using LED lights instead of the more traditional halogen, HID, metal halide or fluorescent lights.

Appalachian Lighting is owned and operated by James Wassel and has been quietly producing superior lighting products in Ellwood City that ship to customers around the globe. Wassel is passionate about producing super energy efficient lighting and spends a great deal of his time improving and perfecting his current line of products while developing ever newer and more efficient products to meet the needs of customers who are searching for better ways to operate while keeping their costs low and reducing their carbon footprint.

Appalachian Lighting

Efficiency and Ease of Use Using Local Talent & Materials

The company was founded in March of 2007 with a mission to become the industry’s best-performing solid-state lighting solutions for outdoor/indoor applications including parking garages/lots, street/area lighting and high/low bays. Today, ALLED fixtures provide 70-90 percent energy savings compared to traditional lights they can replace. Ellwood City currently uses ALLED lights for street and parking lot lighting throughout the city. The newly installed Second Street Bridge is also lit with ALLED lighting fixtures. Other satisfied customers include the Allegheny County Jail, Pittsburgh International Airport and Community College of Allegheny County. But Appalachian Lighting also has global reach – they’ve shipped orders as far away as Australia and have manufactured and installed over 5,000 lights at several General Motors manufacturing plants that realized a 90% savings in the cost of their lighting in the first year.

Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. strives to always use locally sourced materials for their lighting fixtures and focuses on keeping their production local. They are strong supporters of Ellwood City and all it has to offer and is hoping to expand their operations in the near future. Owner James Wassel explains, “We have always been the underdog in the LED market. Our products are going against large name competitors and continuously prove to outlast and outperform all of the other’s products. But we’re proud of the many ways we’ve been able to do this while remaining in the Ellwood City area.”

The Foundation for Success

While the success of Appalachian Lighting Systems can be attributed to any number of things, Wassel is confident that his company’s devotion to superior materials and flexibility in the face of technological advances is a part of what makes his company successful. “We are always looking for the latest and greatest components to utilize in our fixtures to make them the best.”

“Our business philosophy may be summed up with a story about a client. Three years ago, we began shipping products to Welland, Ontario for an upcoming light conversion. Our power supply vendor changed a component right before our production without letting us know about the change. Unfortunately, it caused some problems with failure rates we told the customer what had happened and we promised to make it right. Nearly every fixture had to come down and have components replaced. Because of that dedication, the customer chose us to continue the second phase of the project. “

Continuing Innovations

Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. isn’t sitting back and enjoying their current success. Wassel and his team of researchers continue to seek ways to improve their current ALLED lights. One of their most innovative applications is their remove repair system. Repairs or changes that had previously required costly trips to the specific lighting fixtures by a technician can now be made remotely in many cases using computer software. They are now working on an integrated video surveillance system that will be downloadable so that local police can quickly obtain the footage they need. ALLED currently holds numerous patents around the world for their lighting innovations.

James Wassel concludes, “I believe that the future of Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. and the future of Ellwood City are linked and I’m confident that both will thrive and grow in the future.”

For more information about Appalachian Lighting Systems, Inc. or their ALLED lighting solutions, contact Kate Wassel at 724-752-0326 or You can also visit their website at