When Lauralee and Scott Lees decided to start a coaching business, they weren’t thinking about coaching Little League or helping kids with their soccer moves. They wanted to help adults cope with the many pitfalls of relationships, work and stress in general. Lees Coaching company, established in 2013, quickly became a success based on the couple’s unique approach to coaching others in all aspects of their lives. They attribute part of their success to the unique dynamic they have as a couple.

Lauralee and Scott Lees

Lauralee and Scott Lees

Lauralee Lees explains, “We began Lees Coaching Company because we wanted to help others create the life of their dreams. We specialize in working with singles, widows and divorcees in order for them to find their “right relationship” rather than settling for whoever comes along, but we’ve worked with individuals and couples who are looking for something more fulfilling in every aspect of their lives.”

“We also guide public school teachers through the new evaluation systems in the best way possible. Being a teacher myself, I understand that the new evaluation processes can be intimidating. When you’re undergoing an evaluation it can be incredibly stressful. If you’re stressed out and on edge, how can you possibly put your best foot forward? The teachers we work with know that they need to be centered and confident in order to get a glowing evaluation; we help them achieve that through our coaching services and our aromatherapy products.

Adding A New Dimension to Life Coaching

While Lauralee and Scott have received plenty of gratification from their coaching services, they still felt that they could offer something more. That’s when they discovered the power of aromatherapy, an ancient method of enhancing mood, improving health and increasing an individual’s overall wellbeing through the use of specifically blended essential oils.

Lauralee is enthusiastic when talking about Young Living Essential Oil Company, which provides Lees Coaching with all of their aromatherapy supplies. “We host and provide workshops for individuals, parties, work establishments, and charitable organizations in order to teach people how to use essential oils to maximize their health benefits for themselves, their children, and their pets,” she says with pride. “We are most famous for our aromatherapy workshops, which cater to the specific interest of the group that we are teaching.”

Authoring Their Own Coaching Guide

But Lauralee and Scott Lees didn’t stop with a successful life coaching business or even their highly successful partnership with Young Living Essential Oil Company. In addition to all that, the husband and wife team recently co-authored a course book for singles, widows, and divorcees entitled, The Suitable Helpmate Prayer, which is soon to be published. The course book guides their single, widowed, and divorced clients through the Lees Coaching program for optimizing relationships and finding the right relationships for maximizing their dreams and establishing a meaningful, fulfilled life.

The Secret of Success

Lauralee and Scott Lees pride themselves on offering the best knowledge and support to each one of their clients. Lauralee explains, “Our business is our calling, not just a job. We provide our customers and clients with a solid support system and knowledge base, along with the ancient practice of aromatherapy, and we do so utilizing a male and female perspective while extending the best of ourselves. Our company is truly unique because we approach our coaching from a male and female perspective. Scott and I LOVE what we do and have established a fantastic partnership. In addition, the Young Living Essential Oil Company has an unmatched product of therapeutic grade essential oils with a most rewarding compensation plan for their Independent Distributors, so we can offer aromatherapy solutions with confidence; after all, these are the same essential oils we use to enhance our own lives!”

Meeting Unusual Client Challenges

Every day brings something different for the husband-wife team at Lees Coaching. “Our most unique customer problem was a client whose dog was scared and nervous about a fireworks presentation. We resolved it by rubbing the dog’s fur with a specific Young Living Essential Oil used for calming and soothing. The same oil also calmed the child of the family that was handling their dog. It is wonderful to work with everyone, especially children and pets, and the Young Living Oils are safe to use on all of them. Providing our customers and clients with products that safely support them mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually is our pride and joy!”

A Rewarding, Well-Rounded Life

The Lees love to see relationships work out and have helped past clients not only find successful, fulfilling relationships; in some cases, they have worked with clients who have ended up getting married. It’s a sure sign of the effectiveness of their relationship coaching when someone they’ve coached walks down the aisle.

They have also been featured on a California radio show and have written and produced several coaching videos and essential oils videos for social media. Because they are passionate about both their products and services, performing on videos was a natural evolution. It’s a way for them to reach potential clients and customers who might otherwise never learn about what they have to offer.

Scott Lees notes, “It’s so rewarding to represent an outstanding product that actually acts on and benefits one’s mind, body, and spirit; not too many people can claim that they sell such a product! We are very thankful and feel blessed to be living the life of our dreams. We are so proud of our business because we are doing what we love to do – helping people – and we do so with one another! Who could ask for more?”