Loccisano’s Golden Dawn Has Been Bringing Convenience and Top Quality to Ellwood City Shoppers for Nearly a Century

Generations of Ellwood City residents have shopped at Loccisano’s Golden Dawn, which will celebrate its 100th anniversary in 2016. Located at 234 Pittsburgh Circle, it has changed and expanded over the years to meet the changing needs of its loyal customers. Currently owned by Richard & Virginia Loccisano, Daniel Loccisano and Elizabeth Lordi, it continues to be a family owned and operated venture. The loyalty to Loccisano’s is so strong that many customers won’t buy their groceries anywhere else.

Rachel Loccisano explains, “In 1916, my parents Nick and Bettina Loccisano lived in Burnstown while my Grandfather Loccisano worked for US Steel. Every morning, men would walk past their house in their way to work. My mother saw an opportunity to make a little money by displaying for sale penny candy and chewing tobacco in the front window of her house. Eventually, she added fresh produce and Loccisano’s Market was born. They built a small store next to their home in Burnstown and stayed until 1926. Today we’re an independent grocery store that specializes in quality meats, fresh produce, deli products and baked goods.”

Locc 81215Loccisano’s Local Fame

Loccisano’s has long been known for the quality of its butcher shop, where customers can purchase fresh, locally grown meat or place custom orders for meat cut to their specifications. They are also famous for their fresh produce and high quality deli meats and cheeses. Over the years, devotion to Locissano’s has only grown as children who were raised on the grocery store’s foods have continued the tradition by staying loyal when shopping for their own families. At one time, Loccisano’s carried the Golden Dawn line of groceries out of Sharon, PA, but that supplier no longer exists. The name has remained, however, on the Loccisano’s building as a reminder of its past. Rachel Loccisano continues, “We offer the highest quality of customer service and always have. We understand that the foundation of our success is built on the loyalty of our customers. Every time a customer shops locally, they are putting money back into our community, not into the coffers of a national chain. We’ve been here for nearly a century and like to think that we have helped the economy of Ellwood City to stay strong and prosperous.”

The Personal Touch Leads To Success 

Loccisano’s is particularly proud of the way their staff attends to the needs and requests of their customers. They try to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer that walks through the door. Every employee and family member is dedicated to making Loccisano’s Golden Dawn successful. It’s a passion that goes far beyond simply showing up for work each day. They watch for trends and try to anticipate what their customers need not only now but in the future so that they will be as relevant in the future as they are today.

Today Loccisano’s stands proudly on the tradition of being something that is increasingly unusual in today’s world – a successful, independent store that reflects the Old World values of the “Mom & Pop” grocers of a bygone day. They’ve been able to stand their ground against the larger, chain stores for almost one hundred years through a combination of dedication, superior products and dependability. Its convenience location near the Leslie Szabo Memorial Bridge is another element that adds to its attraction for residents, particularly those living in and around Ewing Park. Being able to find everything you need from cleaning supplies to bread to sirloin steaks in one location without having to drive to a big box store is a rarity in communities the size of Ellwood City. Loccisano’s seems to have found the perfect formula for success.