Out of the INBox Helps Seniors Manage Finances & Paperwork

Out of the INBox Helps Seniors Manage Finances & Paperwork

Jeff and Karen Walker weren’t thinking about starting their own business when they began researching money management options for their mothers. In fact, they worked with both of their mothers, helping them with day to day finances and paperwork for a considerable time before beginning to research other options. They knew that their parents were like so many other seniors who are often drowning in paperwork such as medical bills, insurance forms, offers for financing, bills and more. When they began researching options, they discovered that this type of service is called Daily Money Management and that there is an organization, the American Association of Daily Money Managers, that supports individuals who provide this type of service. Jeff and Karen knew that this was a service they wanted to offer to others who needed assistance.

Out of the INBox

Helping Others Organize Their Papers and Navigate Their Finances

Karen Walker is enthusiastic when explaining what their Daily Money Management service, Out of the INBox, provides. “We provide a wide range of assistance to people who want help managing their day to day paperwork and financial affairs. Out of the INBox regularly goes to the client’s home to sort mail, file papers, prepare bill payments, balance bank accounts, track medical insurance claims and check on the client’s house. We are dedicated to protecting our client’s personal assets through expert organization of paperwork and oversight of their accounts. Out of the INBox services Lawrence County and parts of Beaver, Butler, Allegheny and Mercer Counties.”

“As far as we know, we are the only business offering daily money management services in this area. The choice then is between using our services or a senior (or their family) doing it themselves. Many seniors insist on doing their own day to day financial affairs. They feel they lose their independence if they hire someone to do it. Nothing could be farther from the truth. A daily money manager doesn’t just take over (beware if they do). We work elbow to elbow with the client, going over papers and bills. Once we establish order, we can efficiently keep their affairs in order with just two hours every week or two. This also makes tax time a breeze. Think of the benefits – no more paper clutter; the bills are up to date (no late fees); more free time for what’s important (grandkids!) and, most importantly, peace of mind.”

Truly Personalized Service & Care

Karen Walker relates the tale of one of their clients who has good reason to be thankful for their personalized attention. “While we are dedicated to protecting our clients’ personal assets, we will always go the extra mile to help them. One client lived in a sprawling Victorian home. She was no longer able to get around easily, so she rarely went into much of the house. Whenever we visited, we checked every room and the basement. One time, after she had overnight guests, we noticed a large blister developing on the ceiling. Apparently the guests hadn’t turned off the faucet completely and there was a leak in the plumbing. We turned off the faucet and, with bucket in hand, we carefully popped the blister and drained it. Not a drop hit the floor.”

Out of the INBox: Not Just for Seniors

While daily money managers like Out of the INBox will help anyone who wants help with their day to day paperwork, the Walkers specialize in seniors because they are a very vulnerable population. According to a Pew study, seniors, particularly higher net worth seniors, are the most trusting population. They can easily be targeted by scammers because most have landlines, making it easy for their phone numbers to be found on the Internet. Also many seniors are isolated and lonely, making them easy marks for cons.

Walker explains, “Out of the INBox provides a layer of protection – another set of eyes looking over the bills and credit card charges for discrepancies. We also educate our clients about the latest scams and how to respond if in doubt about whether something is a scam or not. While we can’t guarantee our clients will not be scammed, we greatly reduce their risk. In 2010, older Americans lost at least $2.9 billion to financial exploitation (MetLife – Elder Financial Abuse Study). Seniors are under attack and we help them fight back. Yes, that makes us proud!”

If you or someone you know is interested in using Out of the INBox’s service, they can call 724-510-6297 or visit www.outoftheinbox.com.