WXED 107.3 FM is a community supported radio station operating out of Ellwood City, PA. It currently has its radio tower and a production studio in place and plans to be up and running within the next 90 days. The FCC does require that the station broadcast at least five hours of original programming a day. While WXED currently has that in place, in the future they will be looking for local programming, broadcasters, etc. so that the station will be truly local and of interest to people from all walks of life.



The mission of Dayspring Harvest Ministries, which will produce WXED 107.3 FM, is to promote unity, information, culture, activities and events through a local, low powered FM radio station.
WXED is a non-profit organization which provides a community broadcasting service to the people of Ellwood City and surrounding area. We aim to contribute to our local community by providing access to a truly independent, community owned and operated local radio station which will:

  • Improve access to local information, community events and entertainment;
  • Increase the sense of connectedness in our community between people of all ages, social, cultural and ethnic backgrounds;
  • Provide a forum for engaging in discussion on issues of local, national and international importance;
  • Enable residents to share music, talk and common interests and events;
  • Provide a platform for wholesome, uplifting, encouraging  and positive programing.
  • Give an opportunity for the next generation to learn broadcasting on a volunteer basis.
  • Provide the community with a Broadcast Emergency System.

Among the programming possibilities currently being discussed are:

  • Teen productions by local high school students
  • A local History Program
  • Various programs through the Ellwood City Public Library
  • A weekly swap meet or trading post session
  • An advice program along the lines of “Dear Abby.”
  • Life coaching or relationship coaching
  • Gardening, canning & other rural living tips
  • Broadcasting events from the Community Plaza
  • Music of most kinds (content, lyrics & radio friendly are necessary!)
  • Local News
  • Local Weather & Emergency Broadcasting
  • Local Artists and cultural discussion
  • Community Calendar
  • Interviews with local politicians, community & church leaders, businessmen and residents
  • Local festivals & street fairs
  • Churches (sermons, messages, devotionals, minute talks, etc.
  • Talk Shows
  • Sports
  • School Activities & Events
  • Meet the Candidates

The WXED 107.3 FM has come a long way since Cynthia Antinossi first had a vision for a community based radio station and it is now ready to launch. There are still needs to be met, however. Funding is always an issue for a small, self-sustaining station, and WXED is no exception. It also needs volunteers with time, talent and resources as well. Below are some of the most critical needs for the station:


  • A large-capacity air conditioner to keep the studio equipment cool – this is an urgent need; they can’t broadcast without it!
  • A news broadcaster with some experience who would be willing to volunteer his or her time on-air
  • Assistance with the utilities
  • Sponsors for various programs
  • General operating costs
  • Additional program ideas
  • Volunteers for production, programming, event promotions, technical support, administrative duties and fund raising/marketing

An introductory sponsorship program is currently available to individuals, starting at just $10 per month per individual, or $520 for the year.

Business Sponsorships are also available:

  • 320 mentions per week (2 times an hour) for $50 a week
  • 160 mentions per week (1 time an hour) for $25 a week
  • 80 mentions per week (1 time every other hour) for $10 a week

Sponsors would hear something like, “This program brought to you by ACME groceries at 123 Main Street in Wampum, PA,” at the beginning of each show and throughout each broadcast.

Other packages will be developed as more on-air programming is put into place. If you would like to contribute and have a number in mind, please call the station – every possible plan will be considered!

Anyone interested in sponsoring, supporting or volunteering for WXED 107.3 FM  can visit the station’s website at: WXED Community Radio or email Cynthia Antinossi at: antinossi.home@verizon.net. You can request a Volunteer Application, a Sponsorship Form or a Radio Programming Proposal form from Cynthia.