COVID-19 Resources & Updates

PA State Reopening Phases



Ours is a changing world.

With the news of COVID-19, the coronavirus, changing moment by the minute, it’s hard to keep up.

Here at the Chamber, we’re making changes, too, but our mission remains the same: serving our local businesses and the community.

We can’t panic, but we can prepare. And we can begin taking some common sense steps toward keeping the community, and our employees, safer.

Local businesses can be of great help to us at times like this. Restaurants and other eateries offer hot, nourishing meals and many have take-out options. Bookstores are great sources for good reading to pass the time. Banks can assist with special loan funds. Stores selling food, medical supplies and other necessities are nearby and easily accessible.

Know that helping to support local businesses, while always important, is crucial at a time like this. These same businesses, as one so eloquently put it, are the ones supporting our kids’ fundraisers, the ones where we gather with friends, where the workers know our names. We need them to be around not only next week or next month, but for years to come. Let’s support them, where we are able, to get them through this period.

If you want to support a local business, but maybe belong to an at-risk part of the population, you can purchase a gift certificate now to be used later. Steps like that will enable local businesses to keep paying their staffs – your friends and family members – and keep businesses viable in our community.

We will be sharing more information in the days and weeks ahead. For now:

Stay calm.

Stay informed.

Support your neighbors.


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