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Franus Architectural Associates, Inc. is a western Pennsylvania-based architectural firm specializing in renovation and new construction design, construction management, and ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) design for commercial, municipal, and residential projects. The firm began as a solo endeavor of Architect Daniel Franus and has expanded to a staff of experienced professionals and boasts more than 800 projects successfully completed.

Over the course of the firm’s 25+ years, we have developed a collaborative approach to working with our clients.

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Address: 425 Lawrence Avenue Ellwood City, PA 16117

Daniel Franus, President & Registered Architect –

Brian Gardner, Drafter


A great building design is only great when it truly meets the needs of those who spend so much of their time utilizing it. Of course all of our designs take into account local codes, are energy-efficient, are easy to maintain, and look attractive. More importantly, our designs are a direct result of our clients’ answers to questions, their personal style and choices, and their little comments along the way. We listen to what our clients want and we respond with a design that is unique to each.

When it comes to drawings, our drafting team provides meticulously detailed schematic and construction drawings. Contractors tell us often that ours are the most detailed drawings they work from. This attention to detail allows for more accurate cost estimates on material and reduces the number of questions asked from the
field — saving time and money.


Working with contractors, code inspectors, and local municipalities is challenging — even for seasoned professionals. Let us handle the paperwork of permitting, the bidding process, and the coordination of construction contractors. Our clients are always kept in the information loop, but most choose to step back from the day-to-day project management and let us handle the details.

And clients who choose to manage projects themselves can always ask for help. We often work with people who are doing small residential or commercial projects that require permits. Need to know if your project requires a permit? Not sure how to apply for a building permit? We can help.


Many clients aren’t sure what to expect when it comes to the cost of a project, how long it will take to complete a project, or what local codes require. Any commercial renovation needs to be especially attuned to the handicapped-accessible requirements of their location. We can conduct a space study to determine what a project would entail and provide estimated cost figures. A space study allows for accurate budgeting of time and money. It can even help conclude if the project is a viable option at all.

Depending on the study, it’s possible that 3-D renderings could be produced. A rendering provides a glimpse of the project — complete with lighting, furniture placement, or outdoor landscaping — before ground is broken. Projects that advance from the study or schematic phase into construction drawings are able to have a rendering produced.


Whether retirement is just around the corner or still some years away, you should include your house in your plans for the future. Making little changes now can be a big help later. Our team can suggest improvements to your current home design that will integrate seamlessly and function as a stepping stone to a comfortable lifestyle as you age. From bathroom accessories and cabinet options to wider doorways and easier access into the home, we will review your current situation and recommend options to help keep you comfortable.

If unforeseen circumstances have put you or a member of your family in a situation where special accommodations are necessary for everyday living, we can help. Our firm has extensive experience working with commercial facilities that must adhere to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) codes. We can bring that knowledge and experience into your home by providing you with a functional yet beautiful design that makes day-to-day activities easier to accomplish without losing the comforts of home.