Why Ellwood City?


Ellwood City is in the crux of Lawrence, Beaver, and Butler Counties. It is under 40 miles from Pittsburgh International Airport, Pittsburgh proper, and Youngstown, Ohio. Ellwood is close to area-favorite shopping attractions such as the Grove City Premium Outlets and Cranberry Township. Also nearby are the historic villages of Harmony and Volant. Going farther out, our town is a few hours’ drive from Cleveland, OH, Erie, PA, and Morgantown, WV. Ellwood City is a central hub for retail, travel, and industry.

Strong Community

Ellwood City is a safe neighborhood with a “hometown” feel. We have 24/7 police and fire support to the surrounding communities. Ellwood City is a community where you know your neighbors and celebrate the town’s history. Weekly book clubs in the library and the annual Storytelling Festival enrich the minds of our residents. In the summer, there are weekly concerts in our Community Plaza and weekly Farmers’ Markets downtown. The annual Arts, Crafts, Food, & Entertainment festival draws vendors and visitors form a wide area. Our residents band together to celebrate and stick up for each other in times of need.

Rich in History

Ellwood City has over 125 years of history based in industry and community enrichment. The first seamless tubing factory in the United States was based in Ellwood City and quickly made bicycles a more popular mode of transportation and leisure. Our town was also home to Rock Point Park, a trolley park that was one of the largest in the state during the early 20th Century.  Ellwood is also home of the first after prom party in 1947 and the first live cable TV broadcast of a local governmental meeting in 1967. In its heart, Ellwood City makes history in its care for its citizens.

Outdoor Recreation

Ellwood City is seated in between the Beaver River, the Slippery Rock Creek, and the Connoquenessing Creek. As such there is ample opportunity for canoeing, rafting, and kayaking. The Ellwood City area is home to hundreds of acres of dedicated park land. From Ewing Park and its nature trail, to Roger’s Memorial Park and its baseball field, to nearby Brush Creek Park its bike trails, there is always something to do. McConnell’s Mill State Park is also a short drive from downtown with miles of hiking trails and one of the state’s historic covered bridges. We also have a widely used sports complex, including a swimming pool, tennis courts, and track.  Enough to keep a family busy for lots of nice weathered weekends.

Investing in the Revitalization of the Ellwood City Area

These are the growing number of businesses and organizations that are leading the revitalization and creating a prosperous community. We are extremely grateful for their support and we encourage you to get to know them.