Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions The Chamber receives. If you have a question that is not addressed below please contact us.

The Chamber of Commerce is for retail businesses, isn’t it?

Not necessarily. Although retail businesses are important to any Chamber of Commerce, they represent only about 20% of Chamber memberships. There are a variety of benefits that are available to a wide range of business models.


How big does a business have to be to join the Chamber?

We currently have active members that are sole proprietors as well as businesses with fewer than a dozen employees. The Ellwood City Chamber of Commerce is made up primarily of small businesses.

Will the Chamber of Commerce endorse my business?

The purpose of the Chamber is to support our member businesses and our community. While we list all of our member businesses and allow them to advertise in a number of ways on our website and Facebook pages, we do not specifically endorse any of our member businesses.  If you have an issue with a business in the area, please contact the Better Business Bureau at 412-456-2700.

How can my employees participate in the Chamber?

Employees of member businesses are always encouraged to attend Chamber functions, including networking events, educational opportunities and community outreach. We have several committees focusing on everything from revitalizing the downtown business district to bringing cultural events to the area. We are always happy to have new members on the various committees in order to take advantage of fresh ideas.

How much is membership in The Ellwood City Area Chamber of Commerce?

Membership Dues are based on number of employees, as broken down below:

1-3 employees $ 125
4-20 employees $ 175
21-50 employees $ 250
51-100 employees $500
101-200 employees $ 750
Over 200 employees $ 1,000
Friends of the Chamber $ 50
Non-Profits / Clubs $ 75
Schools $ 100

Please note that a business membership for one employee or a sole proprietor ($125) offers full member business benefits that aren’t included in a Friends of the Chamber ($50) membership. Friends of the Chamber members can volunteer for various committees and attend meetings, but they do not have voting rights within the organization. They will receive all emails, including the Chamber’s newsletter. Sole proprietors/owners have the right to vote on all issues addressed by the Chamber. Sole proprietor/owner business members can also take advantage of FREE advertising on the Chamber website and Facebook pages. They will have a complete listing in our online Directory and the print Directory. Friends of the Chamber members aren’t listed in the Business Directory in either location.

What are the Ellwood City Borough phone numbers?

  • Mayor’s Office: 724-824-7629
  • Borough Manager:    724-758-7777  extension 12
  • Borough Secretary: 724-758-777  extension 11
  • Electric Department:  724-758-7777 extension 15
  • Public Works Department: 724-758-7777  extension 15
  • Utilities Billing Office:  724-758-5576   extensions 23 and 24
  • Police Chief:  724-824-7655
  • Police Department (Admin):  724-758-9935
  • Police Dept. (non-emergency dispatch):  724-758-7564
  • Fire Department (non-emergency):   724-758-8149
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant:  724-758-4749
  • Swimming Pool:   724-758-3740
  • Animal Control:   724-824-7653 (Mon-Fri, 8am-4pm)
  • Animal Control (after hours):   724-758-7564

What is the Ellwood City utilities after-hours emergency number?

In the event of a power outage, Ellwood City residents should call 724-752-1282. This is also the after hours response for sewer and street related issues. This number rings at Ellwood City Volunteer Fire Department’s main desk, which is staffed around the clock.  Please do NOT call 911, as this can flood emergency services with calls, slowing response time in the event of a real emergency.

I need help from a social services organization. How do I find the services I need?

In our area, you can simply dial 211 to talk to someone who can direct you to the most appropriate social services organizations for your needs.